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Limited Lifetime Warranty on Hybrid Battery Replacements

Hybrid Battery 911 is happy to provide our customers with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY for a worry-free experience.

Pay As You Go

Installation Included



Complete your warranty claim in three simple steps


Complete a free engine scan at your local mechanics shop


Gather required warranty information (described below)


Submit warranty claim form

Warranty claims take a minimum of 24 hours to be reviewed. All information must be turned in by 2:00 pm EST or it will not be reviewed until the next morning. If any information is turned in over the weekend, it will not be reviewed until the next available business day.       

If completed information is not received within 14 days of HB911 sending the claim form to you, HB911 assumes the warranty has lapsed due to inactivity or driving with undiagnosed issues (both of which cause premature hybrid battery failure). Dash lights on the vehicle do not conclude your hybrid battery has failed. Please call or text 888-761-1911 if you have any questions about the claim process.

Go to a local mechanic or auto parts store for a free diagnostics scan.
Take a picture of all shown codes.
Record your Mileage on the day you turn in all of your information.
Check your oil level.
Once all information is received and all questions are answered, the claim process will begin.

Warranty Details:

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Before 9/2019 Warranty
New Hybrid Battery 3 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty
New Hybrid Battery 5 year/70,000 Mile Warranty