Hybrid Battery Error Codes

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Diagnosing Hybrid Error Codes

The world of Hybrid vehicles is expanding, and so are the questions surrounding repairing them.  Hybrid Battery 911 is your go-to resource for those looking for answers/help.


Hybrid Troubleshooting Tips

C1241 Code (Low Battery Postitive Voltage)

Possible Symptoms of C1241 Code:
Engine Light ON (or Warning Light to Service Engine Soon)
ABS Warning Light On

Possible Causes:
Low Battery Charge
Faulty Battery
Faulty Charging System
Power Source Circuit

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P3011-P3027 (2007 - 2015 Prius)

Possible Causes of P3001-P3027 Codes:
Faulty HV Battery assembly
P3011- battery block 1 becomes weak
P3012- battery block 2 becomes weak
P3013- battery block 3 becomes weak
P3014- battery block 4 becomes weak
P3015- battery block 5 becomes weak
P3016- battery block 6 becomes weak
P3017- battery block 7 becomes weak
P3018- battery block 8 becomes weak
P3019- battery block 9 becomes weak
P3020- battery block 10 becomes weak
P3021- battery block 11 becomes weak
P3022- battery block 12 becomes weak
P3023- battery block 13 becomes weak
P3024- battery block 14 becomes weak

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P3000 Code (Battery Control System Malfunction)

Possible symptoms of the P3000 code may include:
Engine light and triangle light on

Common causes may include:
HV Control system
Low fuel supply
HV Battery assembly

Based on the malfunction signal obtained from the battery Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the system alerts the driver.

The DTC is output when the state of charge (SOC) of the HV battery decreases as a result of running out of gas, leaving the car in the N position, or a malfunction in the HV Control System.

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P0A80 Code (Replace Hybrid Battery Pack)

Symptoms of the POA80 code may include:
Decreased fuel efficiency. Diminished overall power and performance. Other HV Battery related codes.

Common causes may include:
Defective HV Battery, module, or battery pack Individual module resistance is excessive Module voltage out of balance HV Battery pack fans/computer failure Corroded, broken or loose busbar connectors/wiring.

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Save Money on Hybrid Error Code Diagnostics

If you have a light or lights lit up on your dashboard, don’t start out at the dealership for a diagnostic report ($79 to $129) that your local auto parts store can provide you for FREE. For example, stop in any trusted auto parts store and ask them to put a “scanner” on your car. They will do this for FREE and give you any trouble code(s) that your car has.

Below, we have listed some of the more popular codes that come up on hybrids. The check engine light needs to be on for a 'major issue' to be active on the vehicle and codes may not be able to diagnose the issue if the light is not on. If you have any hybrid battery failure, the dealership is once again going to be a very expensive option (hope you are sitting down….$3K to $5K)! This is for a new replacement hybrid battery that only comes with a 1-year warranty.

Hybrid Battery 911 is here to save you thousands of dollars by coming to you and installing a fully revitalized hybrid battery for around one-third of the cost AND a written limited lifetime warranty.

Running Diagnostic EV Error Code on Hybrid Battery