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Hybrid Battery FAQ



Why would I choose the secondary market over the dealer to take care of my hybrid battery?
What makes Hybrid Battery 911 better than the other guys?
Is it safe to try and repair or replace a hybrid battery myself?
What's the difference between the silver battery with the standard modules and the gold battery with the premium modules?
Do you offer new batteries too?
How do I get the lifetime warranty?
How soon can you come to repair my hybrid battery?
What is your mobile service area ?
How long does the hybrid battery repair process take once the qualified technician arrives at my home or office?
What form of payments do you take?
Should I need a qualified technician who speaks fluently in another language, is that available?
I have heard stories about “fly by night” mechanics working out of their trunk who are not around should a warranty issue arise. What will be my experience with Hybrid Battery 911?
Are there any other fees that could be incurred?

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Hybrid Battery 911 Client Testimonials

Extraordinary customer service, goes above and beyond to try to help with any issues that occur. Prompt replies to any issues that need resolution. HIghly recommended!

Mary Eldredge

Hybrid Battery 911 was so friendly, acted in a timely fashion and efficient!

I wish all companies used their model for customer relations. I called on a Friday and requested service to replace my 2006 Prius battery.

On Monday the tech's Zack and partner were at my driveway!

Work done and I’m very pleased!! Thank you so much!!

Mona Sherryl

My 2007 Prius had been sitting in the driveway, collecting dirt, and completely dead when I called Hybrid Battery 911. The team arrived on time, diagnosed my problem, and resurrected my hybrid with no problems whatsoever.

They were very professional and accommodating, offering a great product and pleasant service. I’m back up to 50+ mpg and feeling confident with the Hybrid Battery 911 warranty.

Jared G., Rydal, Georgia

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